Improve Your Quality of Life

– products that eliminate some of life's frustrations –

Together with our companion website, Aging Parents and Elder Care, we have recently added several products that can improve the quality of life for active seniors as well as, in most cases, older people. For more information about a product, simply click on its blue underlined link.

Better TV

TV Sound Regulator – How often do you change the volume on your TV, or press the mute button, because of blaring commercials. This TV Sound Regulator automatically stops loud commercials and other annoying TV volume changes.

TV Ears – Would you like to watch TV without disturbing your sleeping spouse? Do people complain that you have the TV too loud? Or, do other people keep the volume so low that you can barely hear it? TV Ears has been the answer for many thousands of people in a variety of situations. Recommended by doctors for mild or moderate hearing loss.

Men's Health

Male Incontinence Supplies – Avoid the embarassment of buying the products you need from the drugstore or grocery. Everything is delivered directly to your door.

Impotence Aids – Doctor recommended products to help improve your sexual life – delivered directly to your door.