6 Tips for Seniors Seeking Employment

A growing number of retirees want to go back to work. Many have become bored, miss interacting with other people, or miss the intellectual stimulation their jobs used to provide. Others need the money — perhaps because they underestimated the amount they'd need during retirement, or they can't afford to fully retire from their jobs.

Whether you're looking for full or part-time employment opportunities, work from home, freelance jobs, volunteer work, etc., the "rules" have probably changed since the last time you looked for work. Here are a few tips to help you increase your chance of success.

1. Register with temp firms in your local area. They don't care about age but are more interested in your skills and experience. And, if you get work through a temp firm it will help build your resume for future work assignments.

2. You don't want to go to your first interview in a long time with the employer you are really interested in working for and make easily correctable mistakes. To practice your interviewing skills, try to get your first interview with an employer you are not interested in working for.

3. Have your resume re-written or updated by an expert as the resume you used years ago is no longer appropriate.

4. Put your resume up on job boards that connect older workers with employers seeking to hire them. The largest and most effective are RetiredBrains.com, RetirementJobs.com and Seniors4Hire.org.

5. Look for temporary or project assignments. They are much more available than full-time jobs.

6. When applying for a job, tell the employer you are willing to work on a project or temporary basis. This often gives you a leg up on younger workers who are often unable to accept this kind of employment. Temporary employment can often lead to full-time work.

— Jobs most often filled by seniors —

Executives & managers (project assignments)
Pharmacists (part-time & temporary)
Nurses & health care professionals (part-time & temporary)
Accountants (for tax season)
Call center & help desk
Customer service
Inside sales/telemarketing
Retail sales clerks (during the holidays)
Fast food & restaurant help Hotel/hospitality jobs like front desk & concierge
School bus drivers

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Provided by Art Koff, a senior in his 70's, who founded RetiredBrains.com in 2003 as a destination for older boomers, seniors and retirees that contains a free job board connecting older workers with employers interested in hiring them. Author of the reference guide, Invent Your Retirement.