Working after Retirement

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Traditional retirement — a life of leisure in Florida, Arizona, Texas or another sunbelt state — is an outmoded concept for many people. They become bored, miss interacting with other people, or the intellectual stimulation their jobs provided. Others need the money — perhaps they underestimated the amount they'd need during retirement, or they can't afford to fully retire from their jobs. Whether you're moving and looking for retirement jobs in Florida or elsewhere, full or part-time employment opportunities, work at home, freelance jobs, volunteer work, etc. — here's help.

Quick links to retirement jobs and other opportunities

Civic Ventures — Opportunities for retirees to take on public service roles, through flexible paid work and volunteer service programs.

Florida — 100s of jobs throughout Florida, updated daily.

Florida — The State of Florida's jobs databank.

Florida employment — Links to classified ads for jobs in Florida and more. — Post your resume free and receive a free evaluation. — Special Careers at 50+ section. (After signing in, click on Career Advice tab at top. The Careers at 50+ section is in Targeted Advice, the 4th item down in the left hand menu.)

Retired Brains — Return to work after retirement. Part-time, full-time, temporary jobs for retirees in every state. — If you are over age 50 and looking for a job, here are thousands of jobs from age-friendly employers.

Senior Job Bank — National listing of full-time, part-time, temporary, or volunteer work opportunities for retirees. — A wide spectrum of jobs opportunities in every state.

U.S. Department of Labor — Information on every step of the job search.

Your Encore — Hires retired scientists, engineers, and product developers who are ready to apply their years of experience as business consultants.

— Don't Retire, REWIRE! —

coverWhether you are preparing to retire, already retired, or thinking about changing your career in mid-stream, will you be successful? — or flunk?

The authors have identified 5 steps to finding fulfilling work that fuels your passion, suits your personality or fills your pocket. Here's how to channel your energy and experience into work situations that are financially and personally rewarding — whether you're looking at part-time jobs, volunteer work, or a second career.

But, you may not know where to start looking. Don't Retire, REWIRE! (2nd edition) helps you determine what kind of work suits your interests and then guides you through the process of finding a position with the hours, challenges, and rewards you want.

For more tips, check out 6 Tips for Seniors Seeking Employment.

Other Helpful Information

Social Security — Will your benefits be affected if you return to work?

Benefit increases. If you work after your Full Retirement Age, your additional earnings could increase your benefits, even if you're already receiving them.

Benefit reductions. Any income that you earn during or after the month when you reach Full Retirement Age will NOT reduce your Social Security benefits, no matter how much you earn.

If you start getting Social Security benefits before you reach your Full Retirement Age:

  • In 2009, your benefits will be reduced $1 for each $2 of income you earn above $14,160 — until the year you reach Full Retirement Age.

  • During the year when you reach Full Retirement Age, the rules change in your favor. Your benefits will be reduced, but only by $1 for each $3 of income you earn above $37,680. And the reduction applies only during the months up to but not including the month you

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