Weight Watchers ®

free recipes, points calculator — and more

If you are serious about losing weight, Weight Watchers has the weight loss tools you need online at WeightWatchers.com®. Weight Watchers' website include free daily recipes with delicious food, meal plans, a food points calculator, and more — recipes and tools to help you lose weight and keep the weight off!

Weight Watchers now has more choices to help you lose weight. To see how the Weight Watchers NO Counting and Flexible POINTS® plans can help you, click on Weight Watchers® and take an online tour. On their first page, click on "Learn More" in the section "Try Weight Watchers Online." You will see information about their proven etools for weight loss success, including an online journal, points calculator, their Flexible POINTS® plan and NO Counting plans, meal plans, recipes and more.

Try Weight Watchers® TurnAround™! Choose the approach that fits you best: Flexible POINTS® plan or NO Counting plan. Now Online!

When you join Weight Watchers online program, you will have an online journal to track your daily food points, hundreds of delicious, healthy new recipes, a guide to eating out, and personalized meal plans. You will also find a wide range of articles — all designed to help you reach your goal, including "The Top Six Weight Loss Lies," "Your In-Between Wardrobe," and "Take a Class in Self-Confidence."

And, you will have full access to 30 different bulletin board support groups. Each one is tailored to a specific type of dieter. As a result, you can almost always find fellow dieters around-the-clock with similar needs who can offer words of encouragement that will help you toward your goal.

For 40 years, Weight Watchers has helped millions of people reach their goals. You can eat the food you love — and still lose weight.