Seniors ... Who are they?

By convention, the senior generation begins at age 65. But, contrary to the distorted view of many younger people, most of us (more than 80%) are not frail elderly people who can no longer take of ourselves.

Instead, today's seniors are mature adults leading active lives. We are living longer, healthier lives and enjoying greater prosperity than any previous generation. Improved medical care and public health advances, increased awareness of the benefits of diet and exercise, and a reduction in smoking have all contributed.

Most of us are no more focused on getting old or dying than younger people. Instead, we share many of the same hopes and dreams, ambitions and desires of people half our age — but from a unique perspective — one that arises from the wisdom gained by experience.

Today's seniors are actively, creatively and intellectually involved in life. While most of us are retired, we are not just playing shuffleboard, golfing or vegging out in front of a TV. Indeed, many of us have taken the opportunity to begin second careers, going into business for ourselves. Others are signing up at colleges and universities by the tens of thousands. And, many others are finding fulfillment by volunteering their time to help others.