Seniors Health

The following sections cover a wide range of health-related information for seniors and their loved ones. Topics include healthy living, a database list of calories in food, prescription drugs interactions, food serving sizes, Medicare benefits, assisted living (it helps seniors stay out of nursing homes), elder care resources for caregivers — and more. Simply click on an underlined link.

Healthy Living

Seniors are living longer and healthier than ever before. But, it doesn't happen automatically. This section helps you increase your odds.

Health FAQs

Medicare Benefits

Medicare is the primary health insurance program for seniors. This section explains the basics. We've also included a few tips to help you avoid some frustrations other seniors have encountered. For more information about health insurance that covers many of the gaps in Medicare, click on Medicare Supplemental Insurance for Seniors.

Assisted Living

More than half of us will eventually need someone to help us with our activities of daily living. So many new options are available that nursing homes are becoming a thing of the past – if we plan ahead before it's too late. We'll help you do that in this section.

Aging Parents and Elder Care

Becoming a caregiver for your spouse, for your mom or dad, or for another loved one can be emotionally draining and very frustrating. It is not something most of us prepare for. Instead, it usually hits us as a crisis when our loved one suddenly needs help. What do you need to know? Where can you go for reliable help? Here's the information you need in a hassle-free, easy-to-use format.

Caregivers Support Group

Share your experiences – ask other caregivers for suggestions for your own situation.

Certified Senior Approved Services

When you select a Certified Senior Approved Service, you can be assured that it is a safe, reliable company with a proven history of quality care. Each Certified Senior Business must have received a 90% or higher rating from seniors through an independent consumer driven survey process. In other words, they take the guesswork out of choosing a homecare company, an assisted living facility, and any other service that you or your mom and dad may need. For more information, go to Seniors Approve.

Elder Care Resources

The Internet has thousands of Web sites related to health care. We've picked several that, in our opinion, are the easiest to use and have the best information for elders and their loved ones. Arranged in 16 categories, they cover all aspects of elder care, even for a loved one who lives across the country. To help you save time, we've included a brief description of each Web site. For some, we also let you know what we think is good -- and sometimes what's not so good.