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Each of our organizers is a PDF form that can be downloaded and saved on your computer. Then, without going back online, you can print out a copy as a blank form whenever you wish, and fill it in with a pencil just like any other PDF form.

For Premium members, we've eliminated the need for pencil and paper. Instead, fill in your information on your computer and print out the results.

Our Premium members are also entitled to other special items that are not available to non-members. Among them are The Retirement Organizer, and a Net Worth Calculator. We've also divided the Personal Financial Organizer into 2 new electronic documents that are easier to work with — the Household Finances Organizer and Our Investment Organizer.

If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (4.0, 5.0, 6.0 or later) instead of Adobe's free Reader, you can fill in your information at your convenience (without going online) and save the results on your computer. Then you can update each organizer whenever you wish without reentering information that doesn't change. And, you can print out a copy at any time that includes all of the information you've filled in or updated. has a variety of the 7.0 and 8.0 versions of Adobe Acrobat for both Windows/XP and Mac X operating systems. Our financial organizers will work as described with any of those versions (the organizers were created using Acrobat 4.0). Prices for new and used copies of the older versions start at $109.99 for Windows and $274.99 for Mac OS X. For more information, click on Adobe Acrobat.

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Premium Personal Document Organizer

Our Family's Health History Premium

Our Final Wishes Premium

People To Notify Of Her Death Premium

People To Notify Of His Death Premium

Premium Household Finances Organizer

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(Almost) Everything We Own Premium

Premium Inventory - Household

Premium Inventory - Lawn and Other Outdoor Items

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Our Investment Organizer Premium

Premium Net Worth Calculator

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Premium Retirement Organizer

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