Missing Pension Plans info for Today's Seniors

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Find a Missing Pension

When a company's pension plan is transferred to the federal Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC), the company is sometimes unable to locate former employees who participated in that plan. As a result, they unable to give them any benefits they may be owed. PBGC is now looking for them through the "Missing Participants" service.

Please note that the person should have participated in a "defined benefit" pension plan in a privately owned company that terminated and then transferred the plan to PBGC. "Defined benefit" pension plans are traditional pension plans which promise to pay a specific monthly amount to participants when they retire. Plans such as profit-sharing or 401(k) plans are not considered defined benefit plans. PBGC does not insure federal pension plans.

To see if you are one of people who are owed a pension from the PBGC, click on Pension Search: Help us find missing participants.

For other types of pension plans, review your prior work history. Did you have any retirement plans with former employers? These could have included 401k, 403b, HR-10, thrift savings plans, etc. If you have questions and can't find information in your important papers, call your former employers and speak with their human resources department or their benefits manager.

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