Nostalgia, Inspirations, Friendship
and Words of Wisdom

In Memory of 9/11

If I Knew ...
Power of One
The Lady

Nostalgia, Inspirations, Friendship and Words of Wisdom

10 Other Commandments to Live By
A Chinese Good Luck Tantra Totem
A Sandpiper to bring you joy
A teacher's story
A Wish for You
Andy Rooney's Enlightened Perspective
Are you a reason, a season, or a lifetime?
Bank account
Beautiful woman
Catching rainbows
Cracked pots
For all moms ... a tribute
Good old days
Happy Girlfriend's Day
"Hit the floor!"
I hereby resign
I wish you enough
I'll be happy when ...
Important lesson
Inspirational thoughts
Instructions for Life
Maya Angelou's Wisdom
Memo from God
More important lessons
Pickle jar
Purple hat
Root beer and Twinkies
Take a break ... go back in time
The Cab Ride
The hug
The Littlest Firefighter
The most important body part
The rich family
The Rose
The speeder
Things to consider
To a nice person in my life
To my friend
Words of wisdom