Adobe Reader for PDF documents

Our personal and financial organizers, like many other documents available on the Internet, e.g., IRS tax forms, are PDF (Portable Document Format) documents, a format created by Adobe Systems. PDF documents look the same on every computer. As a result, you can view and print a document exactly as it was designed, without needing to have the same program that was used to create it. This allows the use of special tables, graphics and typefaces to make the documents more useful for you. PDF has become an Internet standard since its introduction in 1993.

To look at a PDF document, to download it, or to print a copy, you must have Adobe's Reader software installed on your computer. It's FREE! If you don't have it, or if you are not sure if you have the latest version, click on the link below to download it. Then, follow the simple instructions to install it. It's easy and you'll need to do it only one time. When you're done, it will work every time you visit us or any other Web site that contains PDF documents.


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After you've installed Adobe's Reader, any PDF form can be downloaded and saved as a blank form on your computer. Then, without going back online, you can print out a copy whenever you wish. Some PDF forms, including ours, have blanks for you to fill in information. But, Adobe's free Reader will not allow you to save that information on your computer.

On the other hand, if you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (4.0 or later) instead of just the free Reader, you can fill in the information at your convenience (without going online) and save the results on your computer. Then you can update a form whenever you wish without reentering information that doesn't change. And, you can print out a copy that includes all of the information you've filled in or updated. To order the latest Standard version of Acrobat (or to get more information) from, click on the "Buy" button in the box to the right.

A final note: When you save a PDF document, its file name will include the extension ".pdf" on both Windows and Macintosh computers. You can always change the name of the file. But, never delete the ".pdf" extension. If you do, either accidently or on purpose, you won't be able to view the document until you fix your mistake. To do that, simply retype ".pdf" (without the quotes) at the end of the file name.