401k Retirement Plan Rules

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Enroll in your employer's 401k retirement plan, then follow the rules and contribute enough to earn your employer's maximum matching 401k contribution. It's free money for your 401k retirement plan!

Before your 401k retirement plan earns the first dollar of interest, you've already had a 100% growth if your employer matches your 401k retirement contributions dollar-for-dollar. Even if the match is only 50 cents on the dollar, that's still an instant 50% growth, GUARANTEED! You can't get that kind of growth anywhere else!

Bottom line — if you are 50 now, you could have an extra $50,000 of free money in your 401k retirement plan when you retire. But, if you don't enroll, you'll throw away as much as $130,000 of free money — maybe more — depending on your age today.

Assumptions and Rules:

Results (your contributions plus your employer's contributions):

Total Plan Value at Retirement (age 67)
your out-of-pocket cost = $2.96 a day!
100% Match 50% Match

To see how much your employer's matching contributions will add to your plan, click on 401k rules — free money information!

— 401k Contribution Limits —

For this year's maximum contribution limits, click on 401k limits.